5 Ideas for Making Moving Easier

There are only but a few things more difficult than changing location. It not only uproots your life but the shire physical work you need to put in the process is downright overwhelming. With a list of things to do as long as your arm, no wonder moving is associated with stress and hassle. Luckily, there is a way to simplify the complexities and demands of your relocation project. The more you know what to pay attention to, the more simple your upcoming transit will be. Our experts of moving and storage Boston are committed to making moving easier, from start to finish. Hence, they’ll share their most effective pro tips and tricks in the text below. Find out how to turn your move into a positive experience, and slash stress and hassle.

Making Moving Easier – Top 5 Ideas

If you’ve decided to pull up stakes for greener pastures, you probably realize how much effort this project requires. A local and long-distance moving will both require thoughtful planning and thorough organization for the best outcome. The inflection point, however, is to divide your project into smaller subtasks. This will make a world of a difference and will simplify your job immensely. In continuation, here are our 5 pro ideas for making moving easier.

  • Know exactly what you need and what to expect
  • Choose your mover wisely
  • Packing ideas
  • Moving day
  • Unpacking
Movers in a van
Good movers are a vital part of making moving easier

Commit to making moving easier by planning early

When you need to resettle, planning makes it perfect. You may feel overwhelmed, and this will lead you to postpone things last minute. But, if you’re consciously aware of this trap, you’ll successfully evade a hectic situation come the big day. It’s best to start planning a month before you actually up-sticks. Work out how much time you have, and how much of it you can invest in particular tasks. Besides, while you’re in the planning stage of your move, here’s a quick reminder of important things you should take note of:

  • Plan and set your budget as soon as possible, to avoid shock bills
  • Change your address, ideally at least 2 weeks before the move
  • Inform utility companies about your move. You’ll thank yourself for doing this sooner than later. This is a very useful tip to take note of when it comes to making your move easier.

Juggling boxes and daily responsibilities is a tricky task, hence, rely on pro assistance to streamline your process. Figure out what exactly do you need, for instance, look into expert apartment moving Boston services. Create a checklist with a timetable built-in, and start following it early on. This is the first and essential step for ensuring a smooth transfer.

Book your relocation services early on

With summer fast approaching, movers will be fully booked. Even if you were to move in the middle of winter, booking your services ahead of time will give you peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for the ideal residential or commercial movers Boston do so as soon as you find out about your upcoming relocation. Lock in your move date and benefit from the pro guidance of your mover. The right expert assistance is your best bet for ensuring an effortless relocation experience. Thus, you should make an informed decision when hiring a mover. Look for a company with a good online presence, and good reviews from satisfied customers.

Weekly planner and a hand with pen - making moving easier
Timely planning and preparation is key for an easy move

Simplify your transfer with a good plan on packing

Sorting, packing, and transferring your items is a big part of any relocation project. And so, if you have in view a smooth, untroubled move, make a good plan on the packing of your belongings. For the most benefit, you may consider pro packing and unpacking services, in a bundle with your relocation package. If you decide to go about this tedious task singlehandedly, make sure to start early on, and do it in smaller portions, multiple times. Before you start with the actual packing, organize a purge and get rid of items you don’t use, or you wouldn’t buy again if you had the choice. Organize donations pick-up, or a garage sale. Once you know what are you taking with you, here are a few tips to make your packing more organized:

  • Gather your packing supplies in advance 
  • Consider short term storage solution
  • Have a marker handy, and label your boxes
  • An essential or open-first box is a fantastic way for making moving easier

Come relocation day – making moving easier

The day of your relocation is super long and tiring. If you’ve moved before, you know exactly how much so. In order to make it easier, try to tick off everything from your previously prepared checklist. This means your boxes are packed and you have all your essentials handy. If you have kids or pets, you should have a plan to keep them busy once the movers arrive at your place. This will help you keep stress levels in check, and ensure the process goes as planned. To make it simple for yourself, have a strategy for loading the truck, and share it with your movers. Think of what would you like to bring in first into your new home and office, and let it go on the truck as last. With this, you’ll make settling in your new home easier, right from the start.

A family with a kid and moving boxes
Have a plan for keeping your kids and pets busy and away from the work area on relocation day

Unpacking tips for an easy move from start to finish

After a long day, you finally arrived at your new place. Your movers will help you unload your inventory, and even place the boxes in their corresponding rooms. Yet, you’ll still have to deal with the aftermath of your move – unpacking. Unless you’ve booked your unpacking services, in which case you can relax and unwind. Otherwise, a streamlined plan on how to get around the fortress of boxes the first couple of days will work just fine. If you’ve prepared your essential box thoughtfully, at this point you’ll surely appreciate the benefits of that smart relocation hack. Additionally, the following few tips will come in handy for your unpacking party:

  • Start unpacking the essentials first
  • Remember that you don’t need to unpack in a single day
  • As with packing, unpack a little bit at a time
  • If you have kids, unpack their things first
  • The kitchen is the place where most household items belong, thus start unpacking them first
  • Making your move easier is about thoughtful preparation, hence unpacking will be a breeze if you follow our previous tips

In summary, the above 5 practical ideas for making moving easier are sure to help you with seeing your project through without a hitch. Make good use out of them, and good luck.

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