How to compare moving companies in Boston

Boston moving companies exist to assist you during a move and make this complicated and tiring process easy and simple. Unfortunately, many movers present themselves as helpful and reliable with completely different motives – motives that usually roll around profit. Of course, not every bad mover wants to trick you and take your money. Some are just not good enough to provide such a complex and demanding service that requires experience, skills, and adequate equipment and vehicles. That is why your task before you hire pros is to do thorough research and compare moving companies in Boston in order to find the one that can actually do what you need – help you relocate. So how to do it properly?  In this article, we will take a look at how to discover some of the best movers Boston has to offer and ensure a safe and stress-free move.

First, you need to prepare for the hunt

Moving is very complicated with many smaller processes that are going on within it. That is why you need to look at moving service providers from many different angles in order to discover those that are reliable and those that suit your needs. To be able to do this right, first, you need to prepare. More precisely, you need to determine what kinds of moving services Boston you need.

a man thinking
First, you need to think about your needs

Questions to ask yourself in order to determine the type of company you need

Are you moving your home or an office? Are you moving locally, across the country, or overseas? Do you have any particularly complicated objects that need special handling like an expensive art, piano, or a fish tank, for example? Do you need to hire car shipping Boston to transport your vehicle? Will you pack your items on your own or you plan to hire professionals? Who is going to provide you with packing materials? Those and many other questions you need to answer before you start comparing moving companies in Boston.

Things to compare when searching for Boston movers

Once you set your goals, you can start searching for Boston movers. As we already mentioned, you need to view them from many different angles in order to find the best of the best. Here is what you need to do:

  • Ask for moving estimates and compare their prices
  • Check their services
  • Determine their reliability by reading reviews, and checking them on moving-related websites

How to get moving estimates properly

There are a few ways to get moving estimates. The traditional way is to call your movers to visit your place and determine the price of your move based on the items they see with their own professional eyes. The other way, which has become very popular in recent years, is to get a moving estimate online. Of course, you can also do it over the phone. Every one of these options has its pros and cons.

Getting in-home estimates

In-home estimates are most precise. When movers visit your place, they will be 100% sure about the size of your inventory and the difficulty of the move. However, if your goal is to compare different companies, you will have to spend days welcoming different movers to go around your place and do their calculations which can be very tiring and time-consuming. That is why we do not recommend this option as a way to compare different moving companies in Boston.

two men handshaking
Welcoming movers for several days is not the most efficient way to acquire moving estimates

Getting online estimates

When it comes to online estimates, the simplicity of the process is what attracts most people to use this option. However, this is not the best way to get the most precise quotes. Solely because you usually cannot provide your movers with the most precise description of your moving inventory but you will have an option to give a broader picture. For example, you will be able to tell them how big is your place and they will give you a rough estimate based on that.

Getting estimates over the phone

In this case, getting the estimates over the phone may be the perfect mix of those previous options. You do not have to waste time waiting for estimators to snoop around your home and you will have an opportunity to talk to someone in person and explain in detail the size and consistency of your moving inventory.

Compare moving services in Boston

When you want to compare moving companies in Boston, the services they provide are going to be equally important as their prices. First of all, every moving company offers a different set of services. For example, not every mover will be able to offer car shipping or storage Waltham MA, for example. And even if you find two companies that offer the seemingly same set of services that doesn’t mean that you will get the same kind of assistance. For instance, you see two companies that offer professional packing services. But when you look closer you will realize that the first will do only packing while the other will provide packing materials and unpacking service as well.

a moving truck in Boston
Every moving company offers different services

How to determine the reliability of moving companies in Boston

Once you find movers that fit your budget and your requirements you need to make sure that they are reliable. This may seem like an insignificant part compared to the other two. But when you know how many incompetent and fraudulent movers are out there, you will realize that this part is equally as important. Unfortunately, this may be the most difficult task of them all. You need to read a ton of reviews, check moving-related forums and websites that provide information about fraudulent and legally registered movers. One of the most trustworthy places to check the legality of a moving company is Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

Follow our guide and find perfect movers every time

And that is it. That is how to compare moving companies in Boston and find the reliable one that perfectly suits your needs and budget.  Follow these steps and they will inevitably guide you to success.

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