How to organize a green move in Boston

The city of the Hill with its lovely residential suburbs is a desirable place to live in for many. More than 140 000 international students give the place a unique, lively vibe. If you care about the environment, you surely love Boston for its public transport system. It’s estimated that more than 50% of its residents commute by either using the oldest public transport network in the country or simply by walking. The environmentally conscious would certainly contemplate how to curtail the negative impacts of moving houses. While it’s certainly possible to minimize the exhaust gasses released with the transport of your items, there are other things you could do, to reduce your environmental footprint when moving. Our expert movers Boston will share some great tips in the text that follows. Take your lead on how to organize a green move in Boston, in a smooth and efficient way.

Best tips to organize a green move in Boston

Boston is a city with a high degree of environmental consciousness. Anyway, when it comes to sustainability and keeping our environment clean, there is always something that can be done better. Regardless of whether you’re planning your commercial or residential moving a little planning in advance will go a long way in showing some love to mother nature. With extensive experience in the moving industry, our pros know what exactly does it takes to organize a green move in Boston. Besides moving you with ease to your new abode or workspace, they’ll help you figure out practical ways to ensure an eco-friendly move, right from the get-go. So, what can you do?

A street in Boston
Boston is an eco-friendly city and it’s big on sustainability
  • Hire a dependable mover
  • Declutter your home
  • Sell, gift, and donate items
  • Packing and supplies
  • Remain green once you move in

Find a good mover to help you organize a green move in Boston

While it’s virtually impossible to completely cut your environmental footprint when moving, it certainly is possible to minimize it. A good mover will help you organize an eco-friendly move in Boston while accommodating your moving requirements. Your mover will plan the most fuel-efficient route to your new location. They may consolidate the shipments, and in this way, safe resources and offer you a better price. Talk to your mover of choice and ask if they offer car shipping Boston. Also, talk to the representatives and ask them what measures are they willing to take for environmental preservation. You can suggest a way that you’d like to organize a green move in Boston, and see if they can cater to your specific needs. The growing demand for eco-friendly services will lead more providers to review their environmental policies. So, book your mover early, and share your expectations about your move. 

Electric car parking sign - organize a green move in Boston
Your mover will help you organize a green move in Boston, as well as ship your eco-friendly electric car

Declutter your home in an eco-friendly way

Organizing a green move in Boston successfully starts with thorough planning from the very beginning. If you intend to carry out your moving project smoothly and in an eco-friendly manner, sort out your belongings. Consider what do you really need in your new place. The fewer things you pack and move, the lesser the environmental impact on your side. Hence, go through your inventory, and make a list of essential things you need, for a green living. However, consider your storage Waltham MA options at this stage. Moving is never easy, and you may find yourself in need of a safe space to keep your belongings in. If you have a solution worked out in advance, you’ll keep unforeseen surprises at arm’s length, and enjoy an untroubled move. There are many ways to organize an eco-friendly relocation in Boston. However, timely planning is the key to a successful realization.

Figure out a way to dispose of unwanted items in a green manner

Once you’ve decided what’s coming with you to your new address, and what’s going to storage for a short or long while, what can you do with usable items that you don’t intend to keep at all? Of course, mindlessly tossing them away is out of the question. Hence, consider gifting some of your items to family and friends. You can organize a garage sale, and earn some extra cash on items you don’t need. Or, research charitable organizations and donate your stuff for worthy causes. Some charities will even offer to pick up the items you intend to donate.

Also, to organize a green move in Boston, consult the Environmental Protection Agency, or the local landfill on how to dispose of hazardous materials the right way. It’s good to know that movers won’t move certain potentially dangerous materials. The list of these is long and includes anything from gasoline to your favorite eco-friendly nail polish. Make a point to talk to our moving experts, and find out more on the topic. This is an important point to add to your green move planning list.

Organic cleaning solution in a bottle and lemons
Use organic cleaning supplies to clean and prepare your new place for moving in

To organize a green move in Boston, take help with packing and unpacking

A lot of packing materials go into each moving project. Of course, this is necessary to keep your items protected during transport. Anyway, with a little thought in advance, and some pro help, you’ll be able to do it ecologically and keep your consciousness, and environment, clean. It’s best to take packing and unpacking services and talk to the pros on how can they help you dispose of packing materials. Also, make some closer inquiries about the quality of packing supplies, and if it’s possible to purchase eco-friendly materials or reusable plastic boxes. As packing is a big part of moving, you’d like to get it right. Expert movers and packers are your best bet to organize a green move in Boston and ensure the success of your haul.

Go green in your new home

With a good mover, you’ll be able to enjoy a safe, smooth and efficient move. Note that all the steps you take to organize a green move in Boston will contribute to your eco-friendly lifestyle at your new place. To wrap it all up, here’s what you should consider, in order to remain green once you move in:

  • Keep some of the packing materials – sturdy boxes can come in handy for storing some of your items, for instance in the garage or the attic.
  • Ask your mover if they are willing to buy back the unused packing materials, or try to sell them for second-hand use. Giving them away for recycling is also an option.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies to clean your new place before and after the move.
  • Consider installing energy-efficient appliances and lights at your new home or office.
  •  Unplug appliances that aren’t currently in use, as they still consume energy in standby mode.

Withal, organizing a green move in Boston will be a cinch with our practical tips above. Follow them to see your moving project through with ease. Good luck.

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