How to pack appliances for storage

Storage has become a very close thing to a lot of people. It is affordable nowadays and that means that most people can afford it. Due to this fact, you can easily get yourself additional space that you can use for storing items that you do not need at the moment or during the move. If you are using your storage services for storing appliances, you should first see how to pull it off. In order to pack appliances for storage, you will have to understand how to do it. Let’s dive into this matter and explain how to do it properly!

Best tips on how to pack appliances for storage!

  • Make the inventory list
  • Obtain packing materials
  • Disassemble and clean the appliances if needed
  • Pack the appliances

Make the inventory list

An inventory list is very important when packing. It does not matter whether you are storing for moving or just because you want to free some space at your home. You should see what items you are going to store. When it comes to appliances, it is very important for you to see whether you are going to use the appliance later. Some appliances are beyond repair and there would not be any ‘justification’ to store them. You will just lose space that you could have used for something else.

Obtain packing materials

When packing your appliances for storage, you want to use the best packing materials. The good thing about most appliances is that they come with an original box. But, most people forget where they have put it or they immediately throw it away. That does not have to be any kind of problem here. You can always use Trust Moving and Storage to get every packing material you may need. The great thing is that all of them are excellent, durable and you will not have any kind of problem with them. Your only job is to actually get them so that you could pack properly!

a box - pack appliances for storage
Reliable packing materials are important for storing appliances

Disassemble and clean the appliances if needed

There are many kinds of appliances that you may store. All of them are different in shapes and sizes. Also, kitchen appliances are much harder to store because you are dealing with food here. Food is a big no when it comes to storage units and you need to make sure that your appliances are clean. The best way to do this to disassemble the appliances and clean them thoroughly. You have to make sure that they are completely clean and without any traces of food. After you are sure that you have cleaned everything, you can start packing.

Use the manuals for this job!

Disassembling is better done when you have instructions by your side. It is almost impossible to do this without them for someone that does not have any kind of experience in this area. But, we are aware that most people throw away the instructions as soon as they get them. The good job is that you can find most of them online without any problems. You just have to write the type of your appliance and you should be good to go!

Pack the appliances

In order to pack appliances for storage, you will have to know some tricks. One of the most important things that you will have to use is plastic wrap. Protecting your items is the most important thing when packing a kitchen or just some appliances. Plastic wrap is here to protect your appliances from the outside. You should wrap the appliances several times so that you could be sure that they are protected.

After that, you can place the appliances in the boxes. If you have original ones, it is easy but if you are using regular cardboard boxes, there is one more step. You should fill the sides and the bottom of the box with crushed paper, styrofoam, or some other material. It is there to prevent the appliances from moving from one part of the box to another. The biggest danger to your items is during the transport so be sure to handle this properly! That is why many people want professional packing services Boston to deal with this problem. When you are doing things on your own, there is room for mistakes but when you have professionals by your side, everything becomes a piece of cake!

plastic wrap, scissors and a tape
Use plastic wrap to protect your items!

Find a proper storage unit before packing appliances

It is crucial for you to find a proper storage unit to store your items. It is not all about the packing. You still need to find a place where all your things are going to be safe. The easiest way to get a storage unit for you is to get from movers. But, there are so many movers out there and it can be difficult to make a selection.

In order to find reliable movers you can rent a storage unit from, you need to be thorough in your search. You should not go immediately to one mover without seeing the others. One of the best ways to see whether the moving company is good or not is to read reviews that are written by the previous customers of the company. They will certainly write everything that future customers should know before hiring them. This is a time-consuming process so do not make a decision based on a search that was done in a couple of hours. Be thorough and you will find the storage unit that suits you!

a storage unit
Pick the right storage unit for your belongings


As you can see, there are a lot of things that you should have in mind if you want to pack appliances for storage as well as possible. Of course, some things may be a little different but most things will be useful on this list. Your only job would be to dedicate a bit of time so that you could finish everything without a problem.

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