Long and Short Term Storage Waltham

Moving is not always a streamlined process. Most people that move encounter multiple bumps in the road while moving. One of those bumps might be renovation delays or other changes in the schedule. When that happens, many people are left with nowhere to store their belongings until their new home or office is ready. That’s where Trust Moving and Storage come in handy. Our storage Waltham MA facilities are reliable and safe and are a great choice for anyone looking to store property short or long term. Contact us today to find out more!

The most optimal Waltham MA storage for every pocket

Choosing storage for your property during a move isn’t always easy. First of all, you have to find a company that offers the type of storage you need. Since not all companies offer both long and short term storage, it’s important to find one that does offer the one you, personally, need. Even though that in itself might not be as hard, finding a company that also offers quality facilities is arguably much harder. It’s important to keep in mind that there are inexperienced and fraudulent companies on the market that don’t truly care about their customers. Because of that, those companies are highly likely to treat your property equally as poor. However, we are a genuine business with a history of positive testimonials that speak volumes about our expertise and gentle care of our customers and their belongings.

A woman budgeting for her next move including storage services.
Quality storage services don’t have to be overpriced!

Optimal yet economical storage for all your needs

Whatever your storage requirements might be, we have a storage solution for you. For all our customers that need quality storage, we offer:

  • Short Term Storage. With this option, you can store your belongings safely in the highest quality conditions while you move or renovate. No matter how short you wish to store for or what you need to store, we have an option for you.
  • Long Term Storage. With this option, you can safely store your property in optimal conditions for prolonged periods of time. Be it because you’re decluttering your living or office space, or because you’re engaging in a longer renovation. Whatever your needs are, our Waltham MA storage facilities have an option for you.

It’ also important to note that all our storage services are competitively priced. Sadly, the market is filled with overpriced storage businesses that don’t justify the high prices. However, our Waltham MA storage is reasonably priced so that a wide range of clients can afford it!

Storage Waltham MA facilities where safety comes first

When looking to move and store your belongings, safety should always come first. Not only your own safety but the safety of your possessions too. Unfortunately, many storage facilities provide non-optimal conditions for storage. When that’s the case your belongings may get damaged or completely ruined. However, at Trust Moving and Storage we pay close attention to the storage environment. Our main priority is keeping optimal conditions, safety, and cleanliness, on the highest level so your belongings remain in perfect shape.

Insurance is the best way to ensure peace of mind

We understand that many of your possessions are very important to you and some even very expensive. And even though we firmly stand by the safety of our storage services and the quality of our workers, we still acknowledge that many of our customers don’t feel comfortable not having their items insured. We also understand why having good insurance on prized possessions might be important to you. For that reason, we offer multiple variants of insurance so that our customers can feel at peace entrusting their property to us.

We offer two types of insurance:

  • Option A. This is the basic insurance that’s free of charge.
  • Option B. This is upgraded insurance with full replacement value coverage, with a deductible.

When moving with us and storing in our storage Waltham MA facilities, all damaged items are compensated. We find that that’s the best way to develop trust between our clients and ourselves. We want to show you how important we believe you and your property are. And that’s why we provide great insurance options so you can move and store stress-free!

A woman getting insurance for storage Waltham MA.
Great insurance is perhaps one of the best ways to fight against the moving stress!

Trust Moving and Storage – one company to fulfill all your needs

Massachusetts is a state that offers a wide range of options for moving. Not just long-distance, local, residential, or commercial moving, but also storage, packing, and other miscellaneous moving services. However, when moving there are obvious benefits to hiring a single moving company for multiple, if not all, moving needs. Doing so can significantly simplify communication, organization, and payments.

Here at Trust Moving and Storage, we offer various services that cover a wide range of potential moving needs. These services include:

  • Long distance moving services
  • Local moving services
  • Interstate moving services
  • Commercial moving services
  • Residential moving services
  • Storage services
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • And special services that include furniture delivery, piano moving, car shipping services, and apartment moving

These services together are enough to virtually cover all moving needs our clients might have. Furthermore, not only is our service catalog broad, but the quality of the services we offer is top of the line.  That being the case, we believe we make a great choice for a positive and well-rounded moving experience. With our storage Waltham MA residents consistently positively review, and our other equally as good moving services, you too can have a wonderful moving experience you’ve always hoped to have!

A couple making a checklist in hopes of hiring a single moving company for all their moving needs.
Having a single company handle fulfill all the moving demands on your checklist can make your move much simpler!

Get a free quote today and get the finest care for your belongings

Storing your property with the company you trust is of great importance. Not only because great storage services often mean less chance of damage, but also because you too will feel better entrusting your possessions to a business you trust. Because of that, putting enough time and effort into research is crucial when planning a move. Learning what your fellow countrymen feel about the company you’re interested in can also be of great help to make the right choice. Our storage Waltham MA is highly reviewed by Massachusetts residents. And being overwhelmingly positive, these reviews are just what you need to pick us as your company of choice. Contact us now, and store with us worry and stress-free.