Special Services

There are many aspects of a move that are far too demanding to be considered as something regular services can cover. Here, at Trust Moving and Storage, we can offer you some of the most reliable special services MA residents often need. Whether you need to relocate bulky furniture, an expensive piano, ship a car, or completely move your apartment, our company can help. Contact us today to get informed about what our special services include. 

Furniture that our movers can relocate when performing special services.
Even if your furniture is heavy and bulky, our movers will surely handle it.

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Even when you take care of all the big and important details of your move, there are things that demand your full attention and often represent a problem. It is more often than not that those things require the hand of an experienced professional. Even though your items seem too fragile or too heavy, rest assured that our movers handle them daily. We will ensure their safety regardless of the complications.

Our special services include:

  • Furniture delivery;
  • Piano Moving;
  • Car shipping services;
  • Apartment moving.

All of these services are organized to the last detail. We will certainly follow all of your instructions if you have any and listen to your concerns. As reliable movers in the city of Boston, we have learned that the most important thing is for our clients to trust us. 

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Trust Moving and Storage is a company that is ready to cater to all your needs. If you have special situations, we have special services MA residents will recommend to you. Call us today and get informed about all the other services we can help you with.