Reasons why you shouldn’t try to move furniture by yourself

When going through a relocation process, there will be plenty of bulky and heavy items that will need to be transported. Most of these items are furniture pieces, and you should not try to move them on your own. The main reasons why you should refrain from doing so are the possibility of injuries and damage to the interior of your home. A much better option is to hire small movers Boston and have them do it for you. That way, you can be certain that you are not risking either property damage or injury. In this article, we will go deeper into this topic and explain exactly why you shouldn’t try to move furniture by yourself.

Why you shouldn’t try to move furniture by yourself?

Here are the three main reasons:

  • Avoid possible injuries
  • Damaging the interiors
  • Moving furniture on your own will take a lot of time

Of course, it may so happen that some of your pieces are delicate, as well. This further exacerbates the need for professionals, as you might inadvertently damage your valuable possession. Your best option is to hire one of the long distance movers Boston for the job. They will know how to handle each piece carefully and safely.

Avoid possible injuries

When you are lugging heavy items around, you are opening yourself to the possibility of an injury. Moving injuries are quite common, and relocating furniture on your own accounts for the majority of them. There are simply too many dangers, from tripping and having the item falling on you, to dropping the piece on your foot, etc. Not to mention that some of your furniture may have sharp edges that can be a hazard on their own. It is always better to leave the handling of oversized items to Boston residential movers. They will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to ensure a safe and easy working process. You will also save a lot of energy if you allow them to handle your furniture, energy that you can direct to more important matters ahead.

person with an arm injury
Injuries can take a long time to heal. Better not to suffer them in the first place!

Why you shouldn’t try to move furniture by yourself – Damaging the interiors

Another reason why you want to entrust furniture moving to professionals is the possible damage to the interior of your home. It is really easy to damage the walls and the floors while handling furniture. And the repairs might cost a lot more than what you would have paid to the moving crew. Consider hiring loading and unloading help, as well, if you are using your own moving truck. Otherwise, you may risk damaging the truck as well as your items. However, if you absolutely have to move furniture on your own, make sure that there are no hazards on the way to and from the truck. The most common cause of damage and injuries comes from otherwise inconspicuous items on the ground. Clear the pathways from all rubble and debris, and keep them clean throughout the process.

Moving furniture on your own will take a lot of time

Furthermore, if you decide to move the furniture by yourself, it will take considerably longer than if you entrust it to a moving crew. Unless you have experience moving oversized, heavy, items around, it may take you several times longer to accomplish the same thing. If time is of the essence, you should definitely allow your movers to take care of your furniture. But if you can afford to take your time, then it might not be a bad idea to move a few of the pieces on your own. You will still be risking an injury and damage, but with enough time and care, you should be just fine. But in situations where you are pressed for time, you should never undertake this task by yourself. It is much better to hire professional assistance.

person looking at the time, hand watch
If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, don’t try to move furniture on your own.

You shouldn’t try to move furniture by yourself but you should hire professionals instead!

Speaking of professional assistance, here’s what they can do for you:

  • The moving crew has the necessary equipment and experienced workers
  • Professional moving crew use proper lifting techniques
  • Your mover use high-quality packing materials

These three things combined create a safe, efficient, moving process. Let’s delve a bit further into them.

The moving crew has the necessary equipment and experienced workers

Every task requires appropriate equipment or tools. Your movers will come prepared, with everything they need for safe handling of heavy items. A moving dolly and straps go a long way toward ensuring safety, after all. Furthermore, the experience that these movers possess is not to be underestimated. They will make it look easy but in reality, they needed to go through extensive training to be able to handle every item efficiently.

moving professional unloading a van, using dolly
A moving dolly can make furniture moving a lot easier.

Professional moving crew use proper lifting techniques

If your job involves the transportation of heavy items, you will need to learn proper lifting techniques. Most people do not really undergo this training, which is why handling heavy furniture pieces are difficult. But your movers have been doing this for a while, and know exactly how and when to lift. If you absolutely have to relocate these items on your own, then you will need to observe the proper lifting technique as well. That way, you will minimize the chance of both short-term and long-term injuries. You might also want to ask your movers for advice, and even procure some moving equipment. That will make the whole process infinitely easier.

Your mover use high-quality packing materials

Lastly, nothing in this world is guaranteed, and accidents can always happen. That is why it is important to preemptively protect your belongings before you move them. Your moving crew will bring high-quality packing materials to secure your furniture before they transport it. This is yet another reason why you shouldn’t try to move furniture by yourself. It will be a lot safer if you entrust it to professionals!

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