Step by step guide to packing your kitchen

Of all the rooms in the house, packing a kitchen is the hardest. With so many breakable items and appliances, a mistake can cost you a lot of money.  So the best thing you can do before you start is to have a systematic plan. Because if you do it in the correct order, you can finish everything in no time. Especially when packing the appliances. Since they usually have one or two fragile parts, you need to take extra care with them. To help you in your relocation Trust Moving and Storage has prepared a guide to packing your kitchen. It will help you quickly finish everything and relocate to your new home with ease.

An essential part of packing your kitchen is materials you will need

Unlike other parts of your house, for packing your kitchen you will need boxes of different sizes. Packing services Boston can provide you with all the materials you will need. That way you do not have to waste time searching the shops. Since pots and pans are heavy, make sure to get boxes of quality material that can withstand the weight. Likewise, you can put in them all the silverware, small appliances, and cookbooks. Also, because of breakable items like plates and glasses, you should get bubble wrap. Every one of these you should individually wrap so that they do not break in transport. Otherwise, you risk unpacking boxes and finding everything in pieces. And lastly, make sure to have enough duct tape. Seal every box tightly, so it cannot open during transport.

two boxes on a table and duct tape
An essential part of a good guide to packing your kitchen are all the materials you will need

It is easier to pack if you declutter first

A good guide to packing your kitchen always starts with decluttering. Because the fewer things you have to pack, the faster you can finish. Therefore before doing anything else, go through your kitchen and decide what you do not need. Discard everything that is too old and broken. But in case some items have sentimental values, and you would like to keep them, consider using the storage services of a local moving company. Likewise, go through all your food supplies and check the expiration date. It is better to throw everything away than risk food poisoning. Also, if you are looking for ways to get some money, organize a yard sale. Invite your neighbors and friends and have a fun day selling things you do not need.

In a kitchen packing guidebook, it is important to pack essentials

Packing a kitchen can last for few days. And on those busy days, you will need something to eat. Not to mention all the utensils, plates, and pots you require. For this reason, you need to make sure that while packing, you leave some stuff for the last. Therefore before you start packing and move long-distance, make a list of all the things you will need. Make a plan for two days of all the meals and snacks that you will be cooking. And save all the essentials you will need in a separate box. Or pack them last. The same goes for when you arrive at your new home. Even if you are going to order a take-out, you will need glasses for drinking and forks and knives for eating. Accordingly, pack everything in a separate box and make sure to label it.

The first thing to start with is bottled items

Every kitchen has a lot of bottled items: oil, wine, vinegar, liqueur… The major problem with these is that they can be quite heavy once you pack them. Therefore you need to think strategically and firstly get rid of some. So start by throwing out any opened alcohol that has been staying in your fridge for days or weeks. It is most likely evaporated and not for drinking. Also, get rid of all the vinegar and oil bottles that are almost empty. It is easier to buy new and fresh ones once you move, than transporting all that unnecessary weight. Likewise, when you start packing them, make sure to distribute the weight evenly throughout the boxes. That way it will be easier to carry them.

bottles of different sizes and colors
Start packing all the bottles because they are the heaviest

Once you start packing your kitchen do not forget to label everything

A regular kitchen has a lot of items that need to be packed. To do it properly, you will need a lot of boxes of different shapes and sizes. And once you start, you will soon realize that you have no idea what box contains what. Therefore to make the process of unpacking easier, you should label every box. Use a black marker and write on each one what is inside. Especially if you have a mix of items. Also, make sure to mark boxes with breakables so that movers know to pay closer attention to those. Likewise, once everything arrives at your new home, it will be easier for you to know where to put them.

hand writing on a wrapped package
Labeling is always a must in a proper guidebook on how to pack your kitchen

Moving is easier with a guide to packing your kitchen

A well-used kitchen is bound to have a lot of stuff- from spices to canned goods, to pots and pans. Therefore once you get rid of everything you do not need your job will be easier. Also, instead of throwing it away, consider donating it to a charitable organization. Secondly get all the supplies you will need. Boxes of good quality but different shapes and sizes are essential. Additionally, you will need bubble wraps or old newspapers to wrap all the breakable items. A vital part of a guide to packing your kitchen is making sure to put aside all the essentials you will need once you move. By following these tips, you will be ready to relocate in no time.

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