The secrets of a successful long distance move

Moving long-distance is such a long and tedious process. It usually starts with planning, sometimes even months ahead. Then it continues with a long road, quite literally, that is usually hundreds of miles long. And all of that ends in seemingly endless unpacking. When laid out like this, it seems like only a crazy person would undertake such an endeavor. However, there are many ways to make long-distance moving more bearable, and maybe even enjoyable. Luckily for you, on top of various ways you yourself can help the moving process, there are moving experts such as Trust Moving and Storage whose only job is to make a moving journey easier on you. That said, having a successful long distance move is absolutely possible, it’s simply about how you approach the process.

A long-distance move – the scariest of them all

The first thing you should consider is why moving long-distance sounds so intimidating to you? Asking yourself that question can assist you in understanding your fears and aversions, and thus help you work through them. If you, for example, are worried about your belongings breaking during transportation, you might come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with that is maybe good insurance or professional packers. Having an insight into what’s going on in your head is important. Not only will this make your move much smoother, but it will help you feel more relaxed.

A woman having an aversion towards long distance moving not believing you can have a successful long distance move.
Long-distance moving might seem off-putting to you, but it’s not actually that scary.

But why is long distance moving so horrible sounding? First of all, it requires a lot of planning. Not all people have the time, will, or skills to coordinate a move. Another reason is that long-distance moving is more often than not a huge life change. Thirdly, moving long-distance can get quite pricey. Some people don’t have pockets deep enough to be able to handle any move at any price. And lastly, a long move means there’s more that can go wrong. Any move is stressful, but moving long-distance can be particularly stress-inducing since it’s a longer process than local moving. Because of that, many people have an aversion towards long-distance moving. But fear not, there are ways to have a successful long distance move!

Understand what the change means to you

When moving long-distance it’s all about mental preparation. What does this move mean to me? What changes will it bring? These are the questions you should ask yourself before starting the move. This way you’ll also be able to see the positives as well as the negatives. Being present and mindful is very important when a big life change is approaching, so don’t forget to let yourself truly experience the move. That way you’ll deal with all inconveniences much more easily.

Plan ahead

Planning is half of the job. A great and strict plan is a golden ticket to a successful long distance move. That however is sometimes easier said than done. Since moving tasks are not the most fun of activities, make sure you are on track with your moving tasks. Write down your engagements in a notepad, calendar, phone, or a laptop, to make sure you’re completing all the necessary tasks.

For a successful long distance move budget like your life depends on it

There’s nothing worse than realizing mid move that you’re running out of money. For that reason, budgeting in advance is advisable. If you feel unfit to handle finances, there are professionals that can do that for you. One important thing to note is that during a move many things can go wrong no matter how well you plan. Because of that, you should always account for some money being set aside for unexpected spending.

A man handling money.
Budgeting is very important for a successful long distance move.

Pack like there’s no tomorrow and do it well

Packing properly will not only protect your belongings but your sanity too. Worrying constantly about expensive possessions breaking can be absolutely nerve-wracking. For that reason, packing properly is just as much of an investment into your property as it is in your well-being. Luckily, many moving companies offer quality packing services. Hiring a company that does so will allow you to outsource that task to professionals that have successfully packed thousands upon thousands of moving boxes.

A successful long distance move starts with quality movers

Movers can make or break your moving experience. But how to find reliable movers? The market is so saturated with various moving companies that finding one that’s right for you can seem impossible. That’s why it’s important to put time and effort into finding movers that can fulfill your moving needs. And even though it’s time-consuming, it’s important to note that movers are an integral part of your move.

Make sure you and your kids are ready

Moving with kids can be stressful. Especially when you’re moving with very young children. Young kids don’t understand what moving means. Because of that, it’s important to take your time and make sure your child understands what’s going on in their own way. It’s a bit of a different story when it comes to older children and teenagers since moving for them means a loss of their social network. Assure your child that you’ll be there for them no matter what and that they will make new friends wherever you’re moving. Also, make sure your child knows that moving doesn’t necessarily mean losing your old friends. Especially today when we have so many social networks at our disposal.

Getting your kids ready can also mean getting them ready, quite literally. One of the best ways to ensure your moving day is successful is to prepare everything your kids might require in advance. Food, toys, electronics, wipes, and spare clothes are just some of the things children might need during a move. Basically, by making a move easier on your children, you’ll make it that much easier on yourself too!

A mother and her daughter in a car having a comfortable move.
If you make sure your child is having a pleasant move, your move will be pleasant too.

Get acquainted with your new home in advance

One of the best ways to have a smooth long-distance move is to get acquainted with your new home in advance. Since long distance house hunting is a thing in the 21st century, why not use it to your advantage in more ways than just purchasing? Get to know your home before moving by looking at the photos and imagining your life there. You can also think about how you will renovate and decorate! Imagine all that you will do in your new home and where exactly you will do it. Doing that will help you tremendously in getting used to your new place quickly.

A successful long distance move is all about attitude

The best recipe for a successful long distance move is to stay present and positive at all times. And even though moving can be stressful at times, it is also an opportunity to make a significant change in your life. That being the case, aside from the usual advice you can find floating around the internet, that you yourself probably already know, the best you can do to have an enjoyable moving experience is to stay present, vigilant, but also excited for your upcoming move.

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