When is the best time to move to Massachusetts?

Are you moving soon, but you’re not sure when’s the best time to move to Massachusetts? Trust Moving and Storage will help you find the perfect time to move! Massachusetts is a state well known for many things. It is the home of numerous outstanding Ivy League Universities, it has one of the best public education and healthcare systems in the country and is one of the safest states to live in. Furthermore, the enthusiasm and passion for sports in this state as well as the maple syrup leaves many visitors speechless. Given all those facts, it comes as no surprise that many young families are actively planning their move to Massachusetts. It is very important, however, to plan your move ahead and to carefully determine the right time to move. You need to understand the importance of proper planning, timing, and how it all fits in the context of moving to Massachusetts in order to find the best time to move to Massachusetts!

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Keep in mind that most of the moving companies charge by hour.

The best time to move to Massachusetts depends on various factors

  • Moving companies charge in different ways: Moving companies use different ways of charging you for their services, but most of them charge per hour. This is especially true in cases of local moving companies. In case of any unplanned inconvenience, you would have to pay extra money to the moving company, and if you are on a tight budget, this could turn your move into a disaster!
  • Availability of moving companies: Make sure that you make a booking early enough so you have plenty of choices when it comes to dates, so you won’t have any interferences with your other obligations

How to make your relocation easier and timing better?

  1. In order to plan or any possible inconveniences and delays, you need to start planning your trip way ahead. Make sure you have everything figured out months before the move. Imagine if you couldn’t find a long-distance moving company that fits you or your own transport (e.g. a plane ticket) on time. That would be a nightmare!
  2. Start packing in advance! If you start packing behind the schedule there is a good chance you will forget a lot of stuff. You will be so caught up in a hurry that you won’t be able to sort out even the essentials! So make sure you start packing and sorting stuff on time.
  3. Plan your finances. If you run out of cash in the middle of your move, this could cause huge problems!

Move as early as possible in the day, week, and month!

When moving, it is best to be an early bird!

  • On the day of the move, make sure to leave your old house early during the day. This is going to make the process way easier as the roads will be free of jams as everyone is at work. Moreover, you won’t have to unpack during the night.
  • Another factor to consider is the time of the week. Move as early in the week as possible –  at Monday, preferably. That timing will help you stay focused as everyone will be ready for the road ahead – you will feel prepared after a restful weekend, as well as the employees of the moving company.
  • For the same reasons, try and move at the begging of the month. You will be more financially stable as you have just received your paycheck! Finally, keep in mind the time of the year. Avoid moving during holidays and school breaks. The streets will be jammed constantly as people will travel massively. The college students will be going home and everyone will be visiting their families. Try to make your trip stress-free!
best time to move to Massachusetts
The best time to move to Massachusetts is as early in the day, week and month as possible!

Plan your finances in advance to book the best time to move to Massachusetts

Picking the right time for your move depends on numerous factors and, as said before, takes a significant amount of planning in advance. Start as early as possible to make the relocation easier! You need to check when your moving company is available, and make sure that the dates do not interfere with any other of your obligations. Also make sure that you financially plan every single step. The moving companies charge different hourly rates so pick the ones with the rate which suits you. When it comes to moving to Massachusetts specifically, pay attention to the time of the year that you are traveling. Do not travel in the winter months as it gets rainy and cold, which can make the process quite harder.

A few more tips to consider

Also avoid traveling during the summer or the winter holidays, as we concluded before, the roads will be packed, and the overall atmosphere will be chaotic. So travel either during spring or early fall, based on what suits you and your obligations better. If you plan to move with a family and kids, research the schools and universities well in advance. The public education system is very good and thus the interest has been growing. Make sure to secure your child’s education well in advance, and plan the move so they have enough time to rest before they start school.

Finally, make sure you are mentally prepared!

Every time you move houses you require a lot of preparing, sorting, planning, numerous calls, appointments, bookings and many other things. This is going to put a lot of pressure on you psychologically even if you are moving alone, and especially if there is a family or a pet moving with you. So make sure that you also still have some free time to relax and enjoy yourself: spend time with family and friends, exercise, do reading, and focus on your job. Do not overthink the relocation, it will exhaust you and make the process that much harder!

Taking time for yourself, your friends and your family will help you stay on top of your game!

In order to make everything a bit easier, make a checklist of everything you have to do. It would be best if it was chronological, so once you tick a box you don’t have to bother with it again during the move. Calculate your expenses but also make sure that you have a backup sum, just in case something goes wrong. And ask your family and friends to help, it will make it more fun and less stressful!

Do you still need a moving company?

Finding the best time to move to Massachusetts sometimes isn’t easy or straightforward. It depends on many variables, and keeping track of all of them is impossible from time to time. If this is your case, then consider hiring professional movers to help you with your relocation process. Give us a call and book a move of your dreams today

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