Why do seniors move to Boston?

There are many reasons why seniors move to Boston. The most common reason is the desire to change their living space and live in a city with many benefits for an older population. So, if you’re about to move and you’re trying to find the right moving and storage Boston, we are here to help. Besides our moving services, we will give you a few ideas why life in Boston may be the right for you.

Is it true that all seniors move to Boston?

Well, not all seniors move to Boston, but there is a raise in a certain percentage in the recent period. And we know that apartment moving Boston is not easy, and yet, seniors seem to see the city’s potential.

House - seniors move to Boston
There are many reasons why seniors move to Boston.

But there is also that period in life when children grow up and go to own way, with the intention of starting to live alone or start their own families. Often on the other side of the world, in search of a better way of life, and the parents stay in an apartment that suddenly becomes too big for them. And it seems that only until yesterday, everyone collided at the bathroom door, or shouted from the end of the apartment. People simply start to miss even the fights at the dining table. And now, suddenly, there is a strange silence. It’s like people forgot how to be happy in old age.

The second best US city for retirees

Boston is nationally recognized as one of the best places in the nation to retire. According to a recent report, Boston is the second-best US city for retirees. This city has an “Age-Friendly Boston” project that’s backed by the city in collaboration with local businesses, public agencies, established institutions and community groups. There are also events, cultural opportunities, and more within the city for seniors. It also has many sport(ish) activities for retirees, such as hiking or biking. Boston’s public transit system is one of the best-organized systems in the country.

If all these reasons are not enough, know that Massachusetts General Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and other top-rated hospitals and doctors attract patients from around the globe each year. It also offers a luxury lifestyle for people who can spend more, which is not always an easy thing to find.

How to cope with an empty nest

In modern psychology, there is a term called “empty nest syndrome”, which affects parents who are not ready to accept that their children have grown up and left home. In fact, in the first moment, there are almost no parents who are ready for that and who do not feel sadness… Although they are, at the same time, proud. They created independent young people, who were ready to step into something completely new.

Man packing a box
Boston’s public transit system is one of the best-organized systems in the country.

In time, they begin to accept the new situation and think about how to get the best out of it. Some start their own business and now think about hiring commercial movers Boston. Some keep children’s rooms for a long time in the condition in which the children left them. And sometimes they decide to make something for themselves out of them.

Boston is a city of potential

There are people who want to stay longer in nature, on walks with friends, go hiking, traveling or something else. It is they who most often realize that their apartment is now too big, so they want to move to place with more opportunities. And Boston is surely a city of many potentials for the elderly generation.

And in some cases, people see that simply living in a small apartment has many advantages. As people approach more serious years, the maintenance of their apartment is increasingly difficult… So they often ask for help. With moving, they know they can count on professional packing services. At the same time, the monthly bills for a smaller apartment are incomparably lower. Electricity, utilities, and taxes can be many times cheaper, which is certainly not negligible. So why would they pay much more, if at least half of the apartment is no longer used at all?

People need fewer things with age

The fact is that most people, with age, need fewer and fewer items, so they decide to take the action of looking for a new environment and smaller apartment. At this time, the priorities change, so they are not looking for an apartment near the kindergarten and school, but what older people need. An apartment that has a shop, market, post office, bank, health center nearby, etc. And Boston has it all.

Storage units with green doors
Most people, with age, need fewer and fewer items, so they decide to take the action of looking for a new environment and smaller apartment.

Besides, many apartments here have heating, are mainly on the first or second floor or are located in a building with an elevator. Plus, many real estates have good views and terraces. And if it is even close to one of the children, the situation is so much better… Because it is easier for everyone.

Better health care and a good environment

Boston has it all. And now seniors can focus on finding the best possible place for themselves. While the new apartment is renovated, they can start packing. However, when people are older, it can happen that it becomes too overwhelming for them. But there are solutions. Moving companies offer packing services, as well as taking away furniture and other unnecessary things, which is salvation in such situations. Good luck!

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